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Reasons Women Should Exercise

It it a well established fact that we all should be fitting regular fitness into our lives, especially since exercise has some unique benefits to a woman. Here are some of the reasons for you to start exercising on a regular basis: Exercise Gives You a Natural Mood Boost One of the great things about exercising regularly is that it makes you feel so much better. It is high on the list of the best ways to naturally make […]

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Get the Kids to Exercise Without Them Knowing

When your child hears the word “exercise” they immediately want to do something else. After all, exercise sounds boring, and worse, seems like work. For adults and school aged children, it brings to mind forced laps in PE class, then going to the next class all sweaty because the showers don’t work. Not fun at all. In fact, some would describe it as torture. No Torture Required The thing is, every day activities are fun and can also […]

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