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Lower Your Blood Sugar

Lower your blood sugar

If you are a diabetic, lowering your blood sugar is an essential. For those that have not been told that they have diabetes, but that their sugar is high, this could be a precursor to what lies ahead. Through diet, exercise, and proper monitoring by your doctor, most patients can lower their blood sugar levels considerably and even reduce their risk of various conditions including diabetes. For some, who already have diabetes blood sugar, reducing those blood […]

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Do You Know What Are Normal Blood Sugar Levels?

Differences with blood sugar levels occur just like we differ in life in many and varied ways. What may be slightly high for you may be acceptable for another person. The reverse could also be true. This is why doctors deal with “ranges” when talking blood glucose levels, rather than pointing to a specific number. Consequently, diabetes patients frequently test their blood glucose levels to check if they are in a healthy range. They maintain acceptable levels […]

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Nutritionists and Type 2 Diabetics

Once diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, we will likely ask many questions. What can I eat as a diabetic? Do I have to lose weight? Are there things I have to avoid now that I’m diabetic? The answers to these questions can easily be obtained from a nutritionist, perhaps even more so than you can get them from your primary doctor. This is why doctors routinely recommend new diabetic patients to see a nutritionist to gain valuable […]

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Diabetes and Hypertension

Diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) are two major health threats to people throughout the world. Data from the National Diabetes 2011 Fact Sheet indicate that there are 7 million people in the US with diabetes who are undiagnosed. At this time there are over 25 million individuals who have diabetes in the United States alone. Screening for these two particular disorders are important in the early detection and treatment of illnesses that often results in significant negative […]

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