Sports for Kids Means Healthy Kids

We all know that many kids spend too much time watching the TV, playing video games or sitting in their rooms listening to music. While spending time on these activities can be great it can also have a harmful effect on your child’s health.

There are more obese children in the United States than ever before. Numerous children are suffering from diabetes and other health related diseases. With cuts in schools there are less physical activities being offered as well.

Sports for KidsAll of this means that children today are a lot less active. What this means for you as a parent is you need to take the initiative and get your child participating in some type of sports.

There are several ways to do this without making your child feel as though they were pressured into something. Something as simple as buying your child a new bike, skateboard or pair of skates can get them outside into the fresh air.

Asking your child if they would like to join a baseball team or join a swimming or gym class is a great idea. Too many parents sign their kids up into a program without asking them for their preference. You may be surprised at the response you get from your child just by asking.

Children who are more assertive and who have a competitive streak may prefer to join a team sport. This could be baseball, basket ball, soccer or any other type of team activity. Less assertive children may do better with joining a swimming class, or by taking a dance or gym class.

By allowing your child to help make this decision you are less likely to see your child get stressed out. Kids who feel they have to do well in a particular sport to please their parents are more likely to feel stressed and want to drop out.
Getting your child away from computer games and outside is better for their health in many ways. First just getting out into the fresh air and sunlight has huge benefits. You can be assured that they are getting their daily vitamin D requirements. Fresh air will also help your child sleep better at night.

Participating in sports also helps your child develop their motor skills, increase their confidence levels and boost their self-esteem. Just as importantly they are learning how to make friends and how to become a team member. All of these skills will help your child move into their adult years with fewer social problems.

Remember any sport is good for your child. The sport doesn’t have to be regimented. You might find it better for your child to simply go bike riding, running or hiking. Making time for sports is good for the family and a wonderful way to spend some quality time together.

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