The Best Sports for Kids in Spring

Kids Baseball in SpringThe improved weather of Spring is the perfect time for getting your kids interested in sports. Baseball and golf are two great activities for kids. Golf is particularly wonderful as a family activity. What could be better than spending an afternoon out as a family?

Baseball is extremely popular and most children can’t wait to join their own baseball team. Playing baseball is a good way for children to develop their social skills and to learn how to be part of a team. Whether your child is great at baseball or not allow them to take part and develop a good team spirit.
Don’t enrol your kids in baseball so that they can be super competitive. Instead let them join for the fun of it. If your intention was to enrol them in soccer but they want baseball let them have their choice!

Joining a baseball team gets your child outside! This is extremely important today. With computers, video games and too many mobile devices kids forget about getting some exercise.

Baseball is the perfect way to get your child more active. They will learn important skills while playing such as throwing, catching and base running. Side benefits that you will notice as a parent are that they start to sleep better, have more energy and that they might lose a few pounds. On top of this their confidence levels will increase and this can lead to better performance at school.

Golf has the same benefits. Of course it does involve more walking but you can always start off by hitting the putting courses. Another option is to just play 9 holes instead of the 18.

Golf for children is becoming more popular today. Manufacturers offer kid size golf clubs making it easier for them to strike the ball. Just knowing that they can actually hit the golf ball is a huge accomplishment for a child!

Their hand and eye co-ordination will improve as will their self-image and confidence. Enrolling kids in any type of sports is often recommended for shy children or those who don’t have many friends. Playing sports is a wonderful way for kids to make new friends and develop their skills.

If you aren’t sure what sports to involve your kids in this year why not ask them what they would like to do first? Offer golf and baseball but remember there are many types of sports out there. The important thing is to find one that suits.

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