What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

A Reiki session consists of a practitioner channeling their life force energy through their own hands into the patient. A Reiki master or practitioner places their hands on the patient’s problem area and gives it an energy boost. This channeling of the practitioner’s energy into the patient allows the spiritual guidance to flow for healing.

The patient’s health issues will be charged with positive energy. This increases the vibratory level of the energy field in that specific area, which causes the negative energy to be shattered and dissipated.

As a result, the negative energy which causes confusion, anxiety, sadness, stress, and any physical pain will begin to be removed, and the energy pathways that have been cleared will be replaced with positive energy.

Human beings continue to live because of the life force that’s constantly flowing through them. This life force flowing within us goes through the body’s chakras, nadis, and meridians which are all energy pathways. Additionally, the energy flowing around our body goes through the aura pathways.

The healing benefits of reiki

How Does This Life Force Help In Reiki Healing?

Reiki practitioners believe that this life force plays a role in nourishing the different organs and cells of the body to ensure proper functioning in these areas. However, when the flow of energy in these areas is disrupted, that body part’s functioning will also be adversely affected.

The same life force is known to be responsive to a person’s feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If the person accepts and allows negative thoughts and feelings to penetrate their psyche, the flow of life energy is also adversely affected.

The person undergoing the therapy may find themselves immediately feeling relief from their symptoms, whether it be stress or something else.

The primary aim of the entire Reiki session is to help an individual move and balance the flow of energy that’s within and around them. The second aim is to remove the energy blocks in order to strengthen their energy levels and jumpstart the body’s healing process.

Throughout the session, you may find yourself experiencing a tingling sensation or increased feelings of warmth or coolness, while other people say they feel a deeper sense of relaxation. There are those who don’t feel anything physical at all, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the power of Reiki therapy isn’t working for them.

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